Thursday, January 22, 2009

Protective Style: The Ever-Popular Bun

When people begin to think of protective styling, the ever-popular bun is usually at the top of everyone's list. On LHCF, there are a couple of bunning to last for a whole year. Unfortunately, I can't bun for a whole year. I can barely bun for a whole week....I'd go hairstyle crazy! I love to change my hair almost as frequently as I change my clothes (LOL). But there is definite value to bunning and for my niko's cousins that can do it for that long, I salute you!

To keep you motivated, here are some buns I like...

One of the best bunners out there is my fellow LHCFer, DLewis. Her blog is full of ideas on different ways to wear your buns. It's hard to get totally bored bunning with her ideas.

There are days when I love the sleekness of buns. I feel regal and sophisticated, especially with a sleek outfit, perfectly applied makeup, the right jewelry and big ol' sunglasses (smile).

No autographs please! LOL

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