Monday, January 26, 2009

Protective Styles: A Most Favorite Bun

So I've been labeled...yes I'm a hairophile. I stare and covet people's hairstyles. I totally blame LHCF for that...enablers! LOL

Well while working the other night, this girl walked in with the CUTEST BUN EVER!!!!! It was so full, cute and modern. Fit her face perfectly! It was effortless chic I tell ya! And those are the looks I'm beginning to love. Ones that look like you just randomly put your hair up, but somehow it turned out uber-chic. But I'll let the pic speak for itself....

She told me that she simply wrapped her hair and pinned in place. *sigh* alas I'm not sure it would be so easy for me , but as soon as I figure out a way, this will be one of my do's!

P.S. The front is a bang she pinned to the opposite side of the bun (almost like a mini hump).

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