Friday, January 30, 2009

Protective Styles: Protect Your Protective Style: Synthetic Wig Care

I use half-wigs as my protective style. Especially on days when I want to wear my hair down but for whatever reason my own hair isn't cooperating.

But since using half-wigs, I've noticed they get a bit old for the wear and the ends start looking ratty and fuzzy. So I just became resigned that I would have to purchase half wigs every so often. Then I came across a thread on wig care on LHCF and just had to post some suggestions here!

  • Soak hair in baking soda and water to remove excess oils (usually from your natural hair)
  • Spray a bit of oil sheen or wig spray on hair and brush thru
  • Once hair is dry (usually overnight), test a section (bottom back of wig) and lightly iron (see next bullet)
  • If test section is ok, iron hair on low heat with a pillowcase on top to tame ratty ends
  • Or you can lightly blow dry on low heat for a similar effect (still test a section)

This is the link to the original article with the wig care advice.

This may not work for all synthetic wigs, but it's worth a try before you purchase another one. I will test it out this weekend and let you know the results!


  1. I have a few half-wigs and pieces that would benefit from this...I was about to throw them away too!