Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Protective Styles: What Is Protective Styling?

I started this blog to highlight protective styling and give those of us who do it or want to try it a gallery of hairstyles to choose from.

As someone who is trying to grow my hair and incorporate more healthy hair care practices into daily styling, one of the first concepts I was introduced to on LHCF was protective styling.

So what is protective styling?

There are a few variations on the definition (regarding use of heat mainly) but essentially most people would agree that protective styling is essentially a style that protects the ends of your hair from the air and environment and prevents it from rubbing against clothing.

Where some different interpretations come in concerns the use of heat, especially direct heat. Some are liberal in their interpretations and think that as long as your hair is up that it's protective styling, even if you use heat. Stricter interpretations say no heat.

The goal of protective styling is to retain growth and give your hair the best possible circumstances under which to grow and thrive. Since most hair afficionados agree that heat can damage hair (especially with prolonged use), most people believe that no heat is part of protective styling.

So now that the definition of protective styling is clear as mud (LOL), let's get to styling!!!!

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